"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Emmerson


Our Mission

Is to inspire and enable high achieving women like you to consistently bring out the best in themselves. To empower you with a deep sense of self worth, optimism and vision, and build your resilience so you can act powerfully,  develop lasting strategic connections (get thee a tribe woman!), and define a leadership path that reflects your intrinsic values. 

We do this by guiding you through B.A.M - Body and Mind. A unique, dynamic and inspiring process of intentional change. 

What is b.A.M?

B.A.M is a 12-week adventure of Body and Mind for small groups of women who aspire to become great leaders. 

B.A.M is explicitly designed to :

  1. Improve your physical resilience and build your spirit
  2. Raise your energy levels
  3. Increase your concentration
  4. Develop your self worth
  5. Expand your capacity - do more with less stress
  6. Support both your personal growth and professional advancement

B.A.M is all about you! 

The B.A.M program gives you all the benefits of group coaching - think motivation, dynamism and mutual encouragement AND opportunities to connect with other interesting women - with a highly personalized approach.  

B.A.M requires your ongoing personal commitment of 3 hours per week throughout the 12 weeks in the form of:

  • 2 sessions of physical training
  • 1 session of leadership coaching.

Bonuses include:

  • Two private one to one coaching sessions at the beginning and end of the 12 week course to evaluate and address your specific goals, challenges and aspirations.
  • A 'self discovery' day to put your inner resolve and leadership skills to the test in an unconventional atmosphere
  • A ½ day group follow up session 6 months later
  • Workbooks full of explorations, exercises, tips and tricks to implement daily. Use them to track your progress, record your victories and remember your insights and 'aha' moments. 

You get immediate benefit from B.A.M by testing out the concepts and applying your insights in real time to your own work and home situations. No more excuses, we won't let you run away from yourself. 



B.A.M is for you if :

  • You want to make it to the top of your career without sacrificing your family and personal life in the process. 
  • You want to raise your energy levels and expand your physical and mental capacity
  • You want to increase your optimism and remove your internal barriers to success
  • You want to stop hearing yourself say, 'I'm so overworked I don't have the energy or time to exercise and get ahead.'

The BAM programme has helped me discover the inner resources I never knew I had. Thanks to BAM I have a greater sense of capacity, have expanded my networks and now have a clear vision to work towards.
— Marie S, Airbus


  • You'll network with other talented women outside of your usual circles, cultivating a wide reaching network of support and inspiration to draw on for years to come. 
  • You'll design your own compelling, inspiring, personal leadership vision complete with initial actions steps for achieving your goal. 
  • You'll gain a much deeper understanding of your strengths and values and how they underpin your success. 
  •  You'll reduce the negative effects of your draining, stressful and sometimes even toxic work environment. 
  • You'll considerably increase your capacity for realistic optimism - an essential trait in every brilliant, admired and respected leader.
  • You'll start redefining failure by turning your mistakes into opportunities!


  • You'll be able to avoid 'hitting the wall' burn out by setting more appropriate boundaries. 
  • You'll stretch your personal physical limitations no end through a fun, inspiring yet challenging training programme designed to surprise and delight even the most die-hard couch potato.

    Remember - one of us has epilepsy yet went on to became a multiple world cycling champion, and the other had to overcome her deeply entrenched self image that she wasn't 'sporty' so she could accomplish 500k adventure races.

    We really know how to help you stretch through your limits, out of your comfort zone and into your zone of excellence and truly  and get the best out of yourself ! What you go home with is  greater resilience, a deep-seated sense of self worth and a clear vision of leadership excellence to continue working towards.