Just another coaching program? Not likely! Here are three reasons that make B.A.M. stand out in its field.


we put you at the heart of BAM

We are completely independent with no hidden agendas or company allegiances and ABSOLUTELY NO trying to make you fit into some sort of ideal leadership mold. It's just us helping you to become your authentic, confident, best version of you. We focus on the individual... ...and not the organization. Of course, when you are fully aligned with your essential leadership values and inspired vision, your company can only benefit. It's Win-Win all the way!

"What sets the BAM programme apart is its focus on the person rather than the organization. This focus, in a relaxed, trusting atmosphere, has helped me to reconcile and balance my personal life with my professional objectives."


International Experience

Call it 'walk the talk' or 'practice what you preach' - our diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds have given us both ample opportunity to put those text book theories on resilience, leadership and vision to the test in several countries and continents. We have both experienced what it's like to rise, stumble, rise again - constantly drawing on our inner resources to reach our own personal goals, remaining centered and focused in the face of adversity. Both born and bred outside of France, we bring our international experience and sense of capacity to B.A.M, yet have a deep knowledge and appreciation for French culture and customs. 




Many coaching and training programs involve high group numbers over short periods of time. We do the opposite. Working for 12 weeks with small groups of no more than eight women, B.A.M has all the dynamism and motivational aspects of group programs while maintaining a deeply personalized focus. This enables you to truly integrate the concepts at a fundamental level and experiment with implementing them. We give you ongoing feedback as you play, test, adapt and refine the material to form your own authentic style of leadership. 

"The small size of the group maintains authenticity and energy while offering a much deeper individual experience & connection with others. This is unique compared to the other training programs I have attended."

REASON 4 (Bonus reason!) :

It's HEALTHY for your body, mind and SPIRIT

We believe that your body is much more than a mere means of transport for your head. When mind and body are activated, in harmony you can perform wonders - both in your personal and professional life. Neglect one or the other and you're just not firing on all cylinders. B.A.M is a savvy mix of mindfulness, fitness and deep coaching to improve your physical and mental capacity and increase your energy levels. Remember, a healthy body oxygenates your mind helping you think more clearly, boost your energy and keep your optimism up for sustained periods of time.  Who couldn't do with more energy and peace of mind? With B.A.M you'll discover physical and mental resources you never knew you had!

"Thanks to the BAM programme, I have become more aware of what energizes me in my daily life and how it important it is for me to cultivate these healthy habits of body & mind" 
Says Marie-Emilie - who went from zero exercise to 'enjoying' running 10k by the end of the program.

Of course there are many more reasons why you should choose us but why don't we discuss that face to face! Send us an email coaching@bamfrance.com - we'd love to find out more about how B.A.M can help you bring out your very best self and inspire others to do the same.