Angela Negro

Slightly unconventional life coach and motivator, nicknamed ‘Queen of Possible,’ by my clients, my superpower is helping women redefine possible, activate their innate leadership capacities, cultivate optimism, and build resilience. A side effect of this is that they become more self confident and joyful in the process!

My past lives include consulting to UNESCO in women's and girls' education, becoming a contemporary calligrapher (because someone once told me I couldn't become an artist!) and competing in physically and mentally gruelling adventure racing events for... fun. I’ve also spent the last 20+ years maintaining a daily meditation and mindfulness practice - using that as a rock solid base for fast decision making and staying centered in the face of adversity. Resilience, like leadership is an ongoing practice.

We are confined only by the walls we build ourselves.

Marion Clignet

At the age of 22 I was suddenly diagnosed with epilepsy. Forbidden to drive a car, I started cycling and rode my way right onto the podium at the US national Cycling Championships. Determined not to stop there, I went on to win 6 world titles, 2 Olympic Silvers, and several hundred races spreading the message that epilepsy was just another obstacle, like so many others. Really, we can all overcome challenges with a healthy dose of persistence, optimism and a Olympic quality, finely tuned training schedule!